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Monday Musings on Supposedly Wedding Wednesday

Since I got engaged, I promised to turn this mini journal to a bulletin of prayers for our upcoming wedding — because with all these changes we are facing, definitely we need your prayers ;)

With less than five months to spare, we now have:

1. Booked major suppliers;

2. Got our customized wedding bands;

3. Finally decided on who will make my gown; and

4. Scheduled a pre marriage counseling at CEFAM. 

For the next three months, we plan to accomplish the following through God’s grace and provision:

1. Finalize the invites and be able to start sending it through mail;

2. Start prepping party needs and favors, with heaps of help from girlfriends;

3. Dresses/gowns for family members;

4. Set aside (more) funds for home building;

Aside from all this list that needs checking, I think what’s more important progress is that I am able to be more open with Ef, especially with my panic attacks and fears. And to be able to pray for all these fears and frustrations. To be honest, I am having a hard time being like Ef, who seems to be very cool as a cucumber, and rely everything to faith.

And that is my prayer request for this month — that I’ll be truly confident that God will pave the way and make things happen.

— 2 weeks ago
Change of Plans

—something i’m not very good at, esp if its my plan. the plan i created, thought and decided to accomplish. 

Bless me Lord for the wisdom to understand this change. 

— 1 month ago

“Passion” has its roots in the Latin word pati, which means “to suffer or endure.” Therefore, at the root of passion is suffering. This is a far cry from the way we casually toss around the word in our day-to-day conversations. Instead of asking “What would bring me enjoyment?” which is how many people think about following their passion, we should instead ask “What work am I willing to suffer for today?”

Great work requires suffering for something beyond yourself. It’s created when you bend your life around a mission and spend yourself on something you deem worthy of your best effort. What is your worthwhile cause?”

Excerpt From: Henry, Todd. “Die Empty.”

— 1 month ago
30 Things You Don't Have to Have By 30 →

"But of course, having a list of things you must do by 30 is more than a little bit ridiculous. Is life about checking some items off a list? No. It’s about living—in whichever way and on whatever timeline works for you."

— 2 months ago

When your heart is beating, hurting, and aching because you’re so freaking scared it means you’re onto something that will make you grow by the end of it.

-Vincet Nguyen

— 2 months ago
You are my April #5/24

You are my April #5/24

— 3 months ago